Greenhouse Shading Kits

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Protect your plants from scorching this summer with our made-to-measure Shade Netting kits.

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Our range of Shade Netting Kits are put together in-house, using high-quality netting, cut to the required size for your greenhouse and supplied with a choice of either:

  • Super Alliplugs - push and twist into place. Ideal for semi-permanent summertime shading.
  • Tension Cable - offering flexibility to slide the shade netting to any position at any time. This also allows for different shade levels of both the roof and side wall independently.

The shade netting is manufactured from high quality HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) and offers 55% shading for your plant & crops to prevent scorching in the summer sun.

  • Kit provides shading for 1 x side wall to length, 1 roof pitch to length.

Side wall shading may fall slightly short of the ground when starting at eave level.

If you'd rather use the shade netting outside your greenhouse and secure with spring clamps/crocodile clips, we can supply netting only, available per linear metre. Please get in touch.

Colour: Green
Shade Density: 55%
Life expectancy: 8-10 years.


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