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Alton Victorian Greenhouse

More Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Is my new greenhouse supposed to be watertight?

The simple answer is No. Greenhouse manufacturers state that greenhouses are not made to be 100% watertight.

Some water ingress is likely to occur at the corner joints, roof vents and along the base rail where it meets the foundation. Being clean and new, it’ll take some time for the small gaps to ‘silt up’ which in turn will help reduce water ingress.

This shouldn't be viewed as an issue. Natural airflow and ingress/exit of moisture isn't a problem and helps to prevent a stale, stagnant environment.

Greenhouses are a completely different construction to that of a conservatory or similar. 

Please note we don’t offer the service of sealing the base to the foundation.

Tips for maintaining your greenhouse

Taking care of your greenhouse may not be the highest priority when there's seeds to be sowing, but it is crucial for the well-being of your plants. Regularly cleaning your greenhouse can significantly enhance the growing environment by eliminating algae, moss, and grime. This not only allows more light to enter but also helps in managing pests and diseases.

For effective cleaning, it is best to choose a damp morning when the dirt and algae are softer and easier to remove. Prepare a solution of warm soapy water and use a brush or sponge to clean all of the surfaces. Rinse with a hose or pressure washer for thorough cleaning.

Additionally, don't forget to clear any debris from the gutters, downpipes, and water butts to ensure proper water flow and prevent blockages.

If you spot any glass damage or parts not working correctly, just give us a call and we'll happily assist.

Is there a guarantee on your work?

Yes, our reputation is your guarantee.

We’re confident you won’t be calling us back with problems, however, should something arise that causes you concern, please contact us directly in the first instance so we can assess and provide a satisfactory solution.

Do you offer other greenhouse services?

Yes, glad you asked!

We hold a stock of many greenhouse spares, glass (both horticultural & toughened), and new accessories such as automatic vent openers, shelving & staging, automatic watering systems, water butts, shading, nuts, bolts, brackets & clips.

All greenhouse spares and accessories are available for supply only or we can provide a fitting service if required.

What about garden buildings?

We design, supply and install many garden buildings such as log stores, sheds, workshops, stables, offices & summerhouses. More information here.

We work closely with a few carefully chosen local craftsmen to create bespoke timber buildings for your garden. Project managed and designed by ourselves. Many of these relationships have been built over 10+ years and we’re proud to continue supporting small local businesses.

I'm looking for more inspiration...

If you haven’t already, we’d recommend visiting the following public spaces. We currently have 3 sites where you can see examples of our work. The first 2 locations have a Cafe & facilities and all will provide an enjoyable trip out.

Garden Centre Overstrand, 6 Mundesley Rd, Overstrand, Cromer, NR27 0PU

The Walled Garden Community Shop and Cafe, Old Hall Road, Norwich, NR13 5FA

Barnby Nursey Centre, Swan Ln, Beccles, NR34 7QF

Additional Accessories & Services

We wish you many years of enjoyment from your new addition. Don’t forget to consider some useful accessories and services we offer to enhance your gardening experience, both in and out of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Roller Blind

Greenhouse Shading

We have a range of greenhouse shade netting and roller blinds to help you create the perfect environment for your plants during the Spring & Summer months. Shade netting is the most cost effective solution, whilst roller blinds are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

watermate mini automatic greenhouse watering kit in greenhouse

Automatic Watering Systems

The WaterMate automatic watering system is a complete irrigation kit for your greenhouse and garden. Smart, solar watering that helps you spend less time watering and uses less water than a standard timer. Can be run completely off-grid via solar panel and water butt.

100L Slimline Water Butt

Slimline Water Butts

We hold a stock of high-quality, UK made (from recycled materials), 100L slimline water butts. A water butt is the perfect solution to capture rainwater from your integral greenhouse guttering, providing a convenient and sustainable water source.

Toughened glass stock

Broken Glass?

Although frustrating and messy, replacing broken panes of glass is something many greenhouse owners will experience over the years. We keep a stock of both new and used horticultural and toughened glass, which is available for collection or delivery. We offer a fitting service if required.

4.2x2.4m garden building as treatment studio in garden setting

Garden Buildings

Don’t forget, we have a lifetime of experience in the design & manufacture of garden buildings. From simple log stores, and heavy-duty garden sheds, to fully insulated garden rooms for work, entertaining or relaxing. Each building is carefully designed to your requirements.

4.2x2.4m garden building as treatment studio in garden setting

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